Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Advent} Oops!

Well, my goodness! Has it nearly been a week since you've visited Bricktown?! I should warn you, things were so awry here, that you just may have picked the best week to go on vacation!
You see, after Klauss got in trouble for his public showering on the worksite, they had to call in Officer Ted to come and investigate the situation and figure out what to do. It just so happened that Klauss had drank a little too much of Riza's Egg Nog and was a little lacking in judgement that day. Oops.
Well, to make up for the incident (and a few others that followed), Klauss decided to make up for all he had done.
He bought Geroge and his crew a toy bulldozer (you know Klauss, he loves toys, and likes to give them to everyone else, as well)
 He put together some sort of wagon and was pushing it around Main Street.
 He then added a second cart. I wonder what he's up to!
 He brought the Bricktown children a gift as well - a new helicopter, to make up for the one he had thrown at them the other day, in his egg nog stupor (yikes!)
 And today, he even erected a new Christmas tree in the park!
Isn't it grand?!
So, happy December 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23rd, everyone!
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the last door on our advent calendar will be opened.
I hope you will join me here tomorrow for the end!
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