Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Advent} New Arrivals!

The snow had stopped falling by the time the vehicles came in view of Main Street, and the townsfolk ran to meet the curious newcomers! They were pulling a big trailor behind them! Who could it be??
 Why, it's the Duplo Family! The family that bought the Minifigs' home! They were sent to the states earlier than planned, so they thought they might just come and stay at the bed and breakfast until they could move into their new home!
"Nonsense!" says John. "You are welcome to move right in! We are packed already and we can stay at the Yellow Brick B&B until our home is built!"
The Duplo Family has so many things in their trailor! It will take them a long time to move in, I'm sure!
 The Duplos introduced themselves to the people of Bricktown, and also to you!
Meet our new residents, Gertie Duplo, Civillian worker for the Air Force, her husband, Levi, and their son, Emmett (whom the other Bricktown kids are already so curious about!). Would he like skateboarding?
The Duplos also have a daughter named Gavina, who is finishing up a visit with her Grandmother, and will arrive soon after. Emma was pleased to hear this, she was anxious for another girl in town to play with!
 The Duplos' car wasn't the only thing headed up the pass to Bricktown, though! Soon after they arrived, a parade of construction vehicles and workers drove down Main Street to the Minifig's lot!
It was a good thing that Klauss had sold all his remaining trees (and more!) to a man who was planning on using them for logs! Otherwise he would have a lot of tree-moving to do!
The boys of Bricktown were especially intrested in the new machinery and the banging and clanking it made!
 "Back it up, Lenny!", a man named George yelled.
"We need to get water, sewer, and electric lines all dug up before Christmas!"
"Yessir, George!" he yelled back, and the machinery started flattening out the lot...
Goodness! Bricktown has become quite the bustling city lately!
Erich, Emma, & Evan are thrilled! Usually it takes a drive up to the big city to have this much going on!
Let's see if things calm down tomorrow...
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