Sunday, December 12, 2010

{Advent} Christmas Parade!

Every December, the kelp-mas tree parade comes through town. Since the town in by the sea, people from the surrounding areas come together to form the parade, marching through all the seaside towns!
They make beautiful sculptures from sea kelp that resemble Christmas trees. Most are made from the kind of sea kelp that glows in the sun like Christmas lights. The participants ride horses down the streets of the towns, while the residents line the streets cheering and waving!
Oh, look! It's the police escort, Captain Ted! The Bricktownians heard his megaphone playing the traditional Christmas music as the parade headed into town!
 Well, look who is leading the parade! It's our friend, Klauss!
 This year, all the parade participants dressed as elves!
 I think the dogs think they are part of the parade as well! ;)
 At the end of the parade marches the clean up crew of one! What a job!

 The parade has gotten everyone in a happy Christmas mood! John and Grandpa take Evan out to cut some firewood. But where will they take it?
 Why, the builders have already built the framing for the Minifig's new home, including the fireplace!
It looks like they will get the chance to burn the first fire in their - soon to be - new house!
Happy December 11th & 12th!
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  1. Just a side note : I have NO idea why I made all the kelp trees upside down on the horses! Weird.

  2. Hooray! A beautiful parade! The kelp streamers/tinsel were a creative touch! Even the street cleaner doing his job (haha)! The fireplace on the empty lot still seems so festive because of all the people there together who care so much for each other! <3


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