Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Advent} In Preparation for the Advent Calendar...

Remember last year's "Littlest Pet Shop" advent calendar? Of course you do, you had to sing along every day for 25 days, right? (wink wink)
This year, we saved up enough to buy the LEGO advent calendar!
So, in preparation for the big (daily) event, you need to get a little background on our goings on in Bricktown, Legoland...

This cute little house lies on the edge of Bricktown, a small town on the edge of one of Legoland's penninsulas. It's already got its Christmas lights up! The home belongs to the Minifig family, who love their little town, popualtion of 7. Well....permanant population, that is...
John Minifig is an engineer for a large firm in a city about an hour away. Luckily, he can do a lot of consulting via phone from home several days a week. This keeps his wife, Heidi happy because she misses him when he's away all day! Heidi is the photograher of the town, and is constantly snapping photos of all the goings on for the town paper and sometimes, even gets her photos published in big city papers like Legoland Times, and Lego City Gazette! Oh, look! Here she is now, camera in hand!
John and Heidi have two children. Emma is their sweet, smart daughter, who is the town baby and pet sitter. She's the "big sister" of all the (3) kids in Bricktown, and usually has her nose in a book when she's not riding her bike with little brother Evan. Evan is the youngest Minifig of the family. He is an outdoor boy, always playing outside with the animals and neighbors of Bricktown. He loves riding his bike, and is hoping for a new skateboard from Santa this year, so he can "board" with his friend down the street.
The Minifig home is modest and cute. It has two floors and is the only home with a garage. This is because John has a beautiful red BMW M6 convertable that he likes to protect from the salty sea air (though usually the kids' bikes and such seem to create enough space that the garage is full to the brim, and it must park outside.  
The Minifigs live next door to this bright yellow beach house. It is owned by someone who lives in the big city, but is far from vacant! A lot of times, visitors come to the seaside for a weekend or vendors come for the season, and rent out the yellow bed-and-breakfast, run by Riza Alexander, who is famous for her pancake balls! People come from all over just to stay over for breakfast! Usually, you'll find her next door, though...
One of the vendors in Bricktown is staying there now! His name is Bruce, the "BBQ man". He loves the house because it has the best outdoor grill to prepare his turkey legs and other goods for the day, as he peddles up and down main street with his cart.
The yellow house is the only one with a real, working fireplace. It's always nice to smell the firewood burning on chilly nights when the cool sea air blows in!
The bedrooms are large and upstairs, and the windows and balcony make the house sunny and gorgeous all day long!
There's another vendor in Bricktown this season who is staying at the yellow brick house. He is Bruce's dear friend, Klauss. He is renting this lot at the end of the street from the Minifigs to use as a Christmas tree lot! He sure loves to decorate! Just look at his lovely tree farm!
He must be loading up a tree for someone! How wonderful!
The house between the tree farm and the yellow brick house is the newest home in town. It was built by the resident architect, Alexander. With its three stories, it is more than big enough to house him and his little brother, Erich. Alex, being a well-known architect all over the land, must have things up to code, even though, in Bricktown, they don't enforce the codes like they do in the big city where he works! Look closely, and you'll see that the sidewalk is pristine and handicap accessable, his home houses the only fire hydrant in town, as well as the lone streetlamp and emergency call box. His house is the only one with his house number displayed in front, in case the ambulance should need to find their house!
Originally, he had built the house here to be closer to his sister, Heidi, but rumors have it that he and Riza have become quite close!
Alex likes to cook out on his grill. Riza loves sausages and hot dogs, and Alex makes them just as she likes! She likes to lay out on his fancy lawn chair from Bricker Image. Erich is really laid back and fun! Little Evan really looks up to him, and he is the reason that Evan wants a skateboard! Erich even erected a tree fort for the Minifig children to play in! Erich gets everywhere via his board! (And he LOVES the sidewalk!)
The brothers' home is the most modern house in town. Not only do they have a flat screen, wall-mounted TV, but also a big sink and oven!
They also have the town's only computer! Heidi comes over quite a bit to email her photos, but most people don't really use the internet here. And how about that couch! Shiny black brickskin! Whew! Bricker Image must make a lot of money off him! :)
The third floor is predominantly Erich's lair. He usually only goes inside when it's time to sleep, but loves his warm little bed and likes to have the view of the entire town right outside his window!
There now. You have met the residents of Bricktown, and I trust you'll be visiting again soon, since everyday in December will bring new excitement for the town!
(And maybe a few days before! Wink wink!)
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