Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here Comes Fall!

It's really starting to look like fall now! The winds are cooling down and the leaves are falling EVERYWHERE!
The Castro family of Bricktown, Legoland have already put their Christmas lights up on the house! ;)
 The annual Thanksgiving luncheon at the vo-tech school here was last week, and, as we do each year, we headed up for some DE-LISH-OUS grub! Luckily, we have a friend whose mom helps prepare the food, so she got us tickets - THANK YOU, SUSAN!!
Evan is now at the age of listeneing to every word that he wants to listen to, and when I said "Let me see your smile!", this is what I got:
 The saddest part of that is that it was the only photo I got this year! Ha ha!
Our backyard is covered in a blanket of leaves.
It's like God is tucking in the grass and flowers for the winter, all snug and cozy until spring.
I hope you are all finding yourselves in a joyous mood now that fall has come, and the air is clean and sweet with nature's renewal!
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