Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween day started out with orange playdoh and hauntingly cute shapes! 

 For lunch, we had special Halloween Mac & Cheese!
 After the little bellies were full of cheesy treats, we baked Halloween cookies.
Em was a big help with Ev, pouring the decorations on!

After nap, we headed to the local hardware store for a pet costume contest. Harley (with his abundance of costumes) decided to wear his "Men in Black" costume, which matched Evan's.  

 He ended up winning second place!
(You just can't compete with a turkey dressed as a pumpkin!) Ha ha!
 For dinner, I made our traditional Jack-O-Lantern Pizza!
It's SOOO yummy!

 With Halloween on a school night, we headed out at around 5:15 to start trick-or-treating. The costumes for this night were a devil and Thomas the train (of course)!

We hope you had a fun, safe night!
Happy Halloween!

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