Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye, November...

The end of November finds me a bit melancholy. The smooth transition from fall to winter's harsh weather is always a foretelling of the cold. I'll miss the colorful leaves that fall in the cool autumn winds, the walks down the street, hand in hand with my little ones, listening to the crunch, crunch of dried leaves and laughter when the wind would circle leaves around us, like it was twirling a scarf round and round us, making our own little space, hugged tightly with spinning, swirling leaves.
I'll miss handprint turkeys and the smell of damp earth from the fall rains. The excitement of jeans, jackets, and warm sweatshirts, fresh from the dryer. The first fire of the season, a suprise from my husband because he knows how long I longed for it.
I'll miss Evan collecting leaves, Emma bringing acorns home from the bus stop.
But most of all, I'll miss you, just as you are, this day, this moment. I can never go back. November 2010 is over. Did you make the most of every day? Did you tell them you loved them?
Goodbye, November.
I'll miss you, in all your splendor.
And thankful for your visit.

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