Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A-Gobblorable Tees!

It was cold and rainy last weekend, so to brighten the day, we decided to make Thanksgviving tees to wear on our big day of eating! :)
Tee Shirt
Googly Eyes
Puffy Paint
Hot Glue/ Fabric Glue
 Step One: Trace and cut out a handprint in felt for each child.
(I found this embossed felt, and it looked like feathers! LOVE it!)
 Step Two: Glue the handprints on the tee shirt
 Step Three: Glue the eyes on, and paint the gobbler and feet.
(I also added the year at the bottom)
Emma's Turkey Shirt :)

Evan's Turkey Shirt :)
We had SO much fun making them!
(And even more fun washing our hands with a flood of bubbles afterwards!)
Gobble, Gobble!
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