Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Santa,

"Dear Santa,
I've been good all year so please get me these. I'm not trying to be greedy, but here is what I want. Thank you! Send me a video of you again!
American Girl Doll
American Girl Doll Feel Better Set
American Girl Desk Set
American Girl Doll Lunch Set
Coconut Dog
Pepper Dog
Also, the 2 webkinz from Walgreens, and the two American Girl Ponies.
Thank You!!"
(And some cute, handdrawn pictures)

{To view this Wish List, go to, select Wish List at the top of the screen, and enter 659925 as the Wish List Number.}

Evan just seems to want this little 12 inch Buzz Lightyear bicycle from Wal-Mart. We have now reached the point that we can't take him anywhere near the bike area or he's running away to hop on "Bike! Buzz!"

He drew a small picture, so I folded it up as well, and tucked it in with Emma's letter. It seems so different now, than just a couple years ago Emma had asked Santa for a Thomas the Train Helicopter and baby dolls. Now, little Evan plays with Thomas the Train daily, and the helicopter is also a favorite. 
So, Santa, as long as you're answering wishes, please keep my kids small as long as possible. Keep them innocent and sweet, loving and happy. I guess, in a way, that's what you do. The spirit of Christmas is full of happiness and youth. *Sigh.*
.Well, I had better get ready for Turkey day!!
Yum yum!
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