Monday, November 29, 2010

{Advent} A New Beginning!

Welcome back to Bricktown! There's some exciting news bustling through busy Main Street! The Minifigs have sold their home to a military family stationed overseas! This means that they can go ahead with their plans to build on their lot at the end of the block. Alex takes John & Heidi on a final walk-about on the lot, pointing out the key aspects of the new home, even talking about putting in a small goldfish pond out front for the kids to enjoy! What wonderful news! 
 When the Minifig kids told Erich about the new house, he was so excited because they would be right next door! (He had always wanted to make a tin can telephone with a neighbor from the windows, like in the "old days" before texting and walkie talkies)
All three of them are very curious about the new family that will be moving in soon! It was said that they have two children as well! I wonder what they'll be like...
It's a good thing that Klauss will be moving on to neighboring city, Duplopia, with his tree lot, because the construction crew will be arriving any day now to start clearing out the lot and adding utilities!
Poor Bruce is very sad about his friend leaving, though, and may head back to their hometown, Lego City, where he has family for the holidays, and where Klauss will return to after the season ends.
 I guess you had better stop by and buy your Christmas Sausages before he goes!
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