Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Advent} Cold Front!

A north wind has come down, bringing chilly, chilly weather to Bricktown! It's so cold that the townsfolf have all disappeared into their houses!
Alex checks the weather on the internet to see what's going on, while Erich notices the sky looks really dark and grey!
 Klauss and Bruce also notice the darkening sky outside. Good thing they have Riza, who has started a nice warm fire in the fireplace!
 Main Street is suprisingly empty for Bricktown. It's usually full of its' lively residents! Tonight, only the Minifig family is out. John points out the halo around the moon. What can that mean? I think they had better call Alex, and see what the weather report says!
What do YOU think is blowing into Bricktown? It's so odd to have anything other than sunny, fabulous weather here!
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