Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This morning we all awoke to thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. I never complain about that - it's my favorite! BUT, it makes going outside to play a little bit harder. So instead, it became Castro Cullinary Academy today, and Evan had his first baking lesson!
Can you guess what we made?
 Step One: Peel the bananas
 Step Two: Toss 'em in the mixer!
 Add some more ingredients...
 A dash of this and a dab of that...
 ...and we've got bread mix!
 Scoop it out & put it in the oven!
 When your house smells so good, your tummy grumbles, it's done!
 Slice it up...
 ...Serve it out...
 ...and gobble it down!
The best thing? Evan LOVED it, and was SO proud! He said "Evan did! Evan did!" while pointing at it. :)
Good job, Chef Evan.
Your bread is delicious!

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1 comment:

  1. Hooray for the Chef! And what better cooking project than perfecting his mom's World Class banana bread! I can just taste it!Happy, happy Autumn!


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