Thursday, October 7, 2010


After our trip to Papa's house, the boys were still rearing to play outside, so we moved our craft out of doors for the morning, which was good, because I only have black paint of the un-washable kind.
Their little hands make the cutest spiders!

With these two, it's a pretty slim chance the screen door ever gets closed, and while we were hosing off our hands, we saw Speedy crawling OUT of our house! Hmmm...
I was so happy to see her! If only I could hear her answer to my scolding questions of where she had been so long! :p

Her little green heart was barely visible still, so I added a new coat of paint to it before she left.
As happy as I was to see her, Evan was just as sad to see her go.
There were a lot of little tears as she crawled back to her woodpile home in the back.
Oh, a boy and his turtle...

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