Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something Fishy's Goin' On Here...

It was the fish truck, of course!
Emma has been looking forward to this day since last year's arrival of the fishes! Gavin heard about it so much that he was anxiously awaiting the trip as well!

Here are the bigs with their littles :)

Having to wait our turn is almost agonizing for them!
I love this one! Look at Emma's excitement!

Getting to hold the grass carp!
Making the trek down to Papa's pond
While we waited for the bag to reach pond temperature, the kids played in their favorite willow tree. :)

Even Deeogie joined us for the big fish releasing event!
Papa cut everyone a cattail sword.
Here they go!

Thank you for letting us come with you to get the fish, Papa!
What a special treat!
We love you!

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