Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday we made the annual trek to the pumpkin patch!
I know, it's not "annual" if you go three or four times a year, but it's the annual season for our pumpkin patching, right? ;)
We chose Bolay Farm this time because it was close to where we were and we have been there in the past to buy my straw bales.

 They have big "sandboxes" filled with corn kernals...
 ...and wheat seeds. If only they had a way to keep them all year round without rotting! What a great fill! I used pebbles instead of sand in our table, but they still flow all over the yard, making it like a war zone when I mow...
 The hay maze was pretty fun this year, especially for Evan, who had quite a time just chasing after Emma!

 Emma found the pumpkin she was looking for. A white one, not too dirty, that was the perfect size for her to carry.

 She also found it a baby :)

It was a fun trip, and I am excited that fall is here and my yard decor is finally complete now that I have my straw and pumpkins :)
Did you know the first frost was last night?
Yes, and all my potted babies went into the garage in wagons and wheelbarrows last night. So starts the change from hot to cold.
Bundle up, little ones, for the night is getting chilly...

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