Monday, October 18, 2010

Oooh, Whata day!

As things usually go around here, the weekend was fast and full. Saturday was especially busy, and after a late night Friday, it came even sooner than normal!
Emma had her first swim meet of the season at 8am that morning, and had planned on being able to get in 3 events by the time we left for cheer at 10, but as it would happen, it was running behind, and we only managed to get in one relay.
The girls had a blast, though!
(and so did little brother, who watched his beloved Nemo yet again...)

 The game she cheered at was held at our old high school stadium this weekend, due to a marching band contest or something going on over at the new one. It was a little nostalgic being in that stadium (if you can even consider it a stadium). This primitive old place was where I cheered on the pioneers back in high school - not the ginormous one we have now!
At one point, Evan decided to take a walk down onto the field, and made it this far before our friends grabbed him :)

 During the game, my dad called to let me know he had found a beaver by the pond. I have never really seen a beaver up close, so I told him I would be right out to check it out!
Did you know beavers have webbed feet and big claws?!
 It was pretty big, too! I was really impressed, actually. 
 Of course, I wasn't picking it up, but my friend's husband was brave enough. Check out the size of that thing!!
(Cropped out of this photo: 3 little cheerleaders running up a hill as fast as they can, screaming)
 Beaver tail is kinda scaley!
 Addy got a ride back to the car...
 ...and watched while her mom broke her shoe. Ha ha! Poor Nikkole, she just wasn't dressed for a beaver excursion...
 After a long nap, it was time for my monthly hen pen! We all went to eat at Kyoto's and ended up at a haunted corn maze...but that's a different blog...
I'm hoping this weekend is slower, but I doubt it...
I'll sleep when I'm dead!

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