Sunday, October 10, 2010

Montgomery Barn

Yesterday evening, we had the pleasure to be invited to our friends' house, who live in a renovated barn that is nothing short of a Pottery Barn catalog inside! It was gorgeous!!
Nikkole had little pumpkins ready for the kids to decorate outside when we got there. (and there wasn't a single kid crazy enough to turn down paint and pumpkins!)
 Evan was very meticulous about his colors...

 Em & Bayley

 Addy's Pumpkin!
 Evan put his little arm around his Addy ♥

 Paint! Paint! Paint!

 The hubbys got jealous over us ooh-ing & ahh-ing at the little Evan arm hold, that they thought they'd give it a try...
 Just wasn't as cute - but it was pretty funny! Especially after I threatened to put it on facebook... ;)
Here is Evan's completed pumpkin!
 The girls showed us their new tire swing!
They could get it going pretty high!

 Em gave it a try, while Bayley pulled her along!

 Ross cooked up some yummy burgers and hot dogs to go with all the deelish food inside that Nikkole had made, and we ate a LOT!
Afterwards, we got to go for a hayride (minus the hay) around their land, which was SO fun, that Emma didn't ever want to stop, and we fed their catfish, who are trained to come to the dock when you stomp on a loose board by the water.
The squeals coming from Emma's mouth were loud enough to drown out the splasing from the pond of big catfish jumping.
It was a really fun evening.
Thank you for having us over, Montgomery Family!
We had a wonderful time!

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