Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Historical Watchparty: Chilean Miners Rescue

I turned on the TV last night around 11:30 and witnessed the rescue of the first of 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped for 69 days a mile and a half underground. It was sobering.
The newsman was talking about the first man on the moon, kennedy's assassination, 9/11, and the challenger crash. This was the next big thing to glue your eyes to, and remember always.
69 days??
They built this elevator of sorts, called the Phoenix, to roll down the tunnel and bring miners up as rescue workers went down to help the others. 
 One miner had a child born while he was trapped, another got engaged. These men were buried alive for over 2 months!!

There are 17 pulled to safety now, as I type.
Chile is going ballistic over their heroes, welcomed back from the dark cave they were in for so long. The whole world is watching, waiting. There were newscrews from over 30 countries there last night. Our crew was 3 football fields away, and that was the closest they could get.
In this labrynth of tunnels, zig zagging all across the country, how was it that ALL 33 miners were together in the same spot, that second of that day?
They say that they had all stopped to watch a small butterfly that had made its way so far underground in the tunnel, when the rocks fell and trapped them? That's why they were all together, all safe, all alive.
That butterfly didn't get lost that day.
God works in miraclulous ways, doesn't he?

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