Friday, October 8, 2010

{Hauntingly Cute} Footprints on my Heart

Castro Academy has been doing a lot of art these brisk fall mornings, and I blame it on my love for all things Halloween :)
This morning, after reading Say Boo, we decided to make little ghosts, like the ones in the book, but with our feet! 
 Evan thought it was SO funny to see his feet all white on the bottom!
 Not quite a ghost yet!
(But still sooooo cute!)
 We absolutely wanted to do the entire driveway, but settled for three little footprints on the paper, grudgingly, I might add. ;)
 After they dried, we were left with these cute little "BOOs", as Evan calls them.
Aren't they the cutest little ghosts you've ever seen?!?
I agree. 
(And they are very active at night, too, I might add)
I love you, little BOO footed boy.

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