Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy October!!

There's a chill in the air, and it's given way to the month of haunts and hallows...October! Emma has lost a pound, but gained 2 inches, and Evan also grew 2 inches, but also gained a pound!
My, my, my!
My little ones are growing up so fast!
To celebrate the new month, Evan and I got out the crayons and stickers and worked on some Halloween pictures (and our fine motor skills, of course!)
 Look at those little fingers at work! :)

 In the end, I was awarded with this wonderful masterpiece:
 This one was abandoned for the sounds of Chuggington starting on the TV in another room, so I presume it will be completed after nap today, or sometime soon.
How much longer will I have these chubby little hands alongside mine? Little voice saying "Cat, mooww" and "gos, boooo!"?
How long until the SpongeBob slippers go unworn and the theme song from Chugginton no longer causes alarm such as a fire drill does for us, where we drop everything and run?
How long?
Not long, I know.
Maybe if I hold him a little tighter, a little longer, I can slow it down...
Or maybe I can just pretend it will be so.

I love you, little boy.

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