Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas!

Friday morning was an especially special day for us. You see, Thomas the Tank Engine pulled into the station in OKC, and we just HAD to take our little Thomas fan to see him.
Papa bought Evan's ticket for his birthday in July, and so the rest of us joined him on the trip of a little boy's dream come true!
We got our first glimpse of Thomas as he was pulling into the station, and so were we!

We got our choice of traincars to ride in, and since it was a perfect weathered day, we sat in the open car - which was SO fun!

Tickets, please!

The open sided car was a good choice. We could see everything outside, and we got to watch the wheels and chains go down the track!

There were a lot of trains at the station - it's actually a Railroad Museum!

Time to see the big blue engine, himself!

A trip wouldn't be complete without meeting the "fat controller", Sir Toppam Hatt!

Evan got to color a picture of Thomas :)
The kids also got tattoos! Evan chose his favorite, Percy...
...and Emma decided on Harold the Helicoper.
Emma!! Look out behind you!!! ;D
Afterwards, we let Emma choose where to eat lunch, and she decided to eat at the "5 story-tall Sonic", which turned out to be the Sonic Headquarters. It was in Bricktown, so it was really scenic and nice.

It was a wonderful day, and we all had so much fun!
I dread the days coming just around the bend when simple days spent in Knapford Station and Sonic will be just a distant memory, and no longer hold the key to a little child's imagination.
Until then, treasure every moment.

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