Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bug Bites

I always wondered what ate stink bugs.
Now I know.
And so do you.

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Mikles Farm Pumpkin Patch

Once again, sorry about the unrotated pics - one day I'll have to go back and edit this again!
Sunday we went to Shawnee to the Mikles Farm for a Girl Scout field trip. Evan had a lot of fun on these tire horse swings.
Faster, Emma! Faster!

Hay Ride!

Next it was out to the pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin!
Evan found a caterpillar instead :)
Emma found her "Cinderella Pumpkin"

Evan thinks pumpkins are overrated.
This lumpy bumpy goard is sooo much cooler!
He also liked this bug-filled goard.


Barrel train!

and off into the corn maze we go!

A few other scouts :)

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Homecoming Parade

Saturday morning saw us up before the sun as we took Emma to line up for the OSU Homecoming parade.
In all the years I had watched this parade as a child, I never once thought that I would be watching my child marching down the route!
While we awaited Emma's appearance, we saw our friend Joey & his mom!
There she is! Right in front by the coaches. Little Emma.

Mini Milk truck!
I sure could use one of those every week at our house...
This was so cute.
The daddies and their youngest sons, camped out to watch the parade!

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The Circus Comes to Town!

The circus came to town, and we welcomed them early that morning to watch them set up.
(And visit the animals)
This is the crew, led by Julio (with the red gloves).
They could put that circus tent up in their sleep!
Later that night, we came back to watch the show with our friends. Evan loves his "Rawnee", Rodney.
He got to ride the mini circus train. Em decided she was going to save her ride for...
...the elephant, of course!
This was actually Evan's first circus, and he did really well, especially considering it went on until 10pm!
Oh, and Emma has decided on becoming a trapeze artist when she grows up.
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Street Painting!

Part of OSU homecoming is painting Hester Street. This is the street that the team walks down to the stadium, lined with adoring fans and cheers.
The kiddos thought it was a LOT of fun to not only be in the middle of the street, but paint on it, too! :)

Go Pokes!
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Em and I were invited to our first costume party of the year!
Em dressed as the most unscary, sweetest little witch on the block, and I dressed up as a black fairy.
How is your Halloween season going?

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