Sunday, September 5, 2010

Works of Love...

The last couple photo shoots that I've done were uber cute, so I had to share a few favs with you all.
These first ones are of Em and her best friend, Gavin. In preparation of their classroom split for 2nd grade, I took them to get new "BFF" necklaces - you know, the kind that link together to form a whole heart? Theirs has a magnet and sticks together when they meet, and even though the photo shoot was for something and someone totally different, I saw them piecing their heart together and had to capture it. 

This little doll is baby Erin. And when I say "little", I mean little!
She's a tiny bit of a thing, full term. To get the full perspective, you have to know that the card in the first photo is a 4x6. Mmm hmm.
She's a tiny little precious bit of a thing.
And oh, so stinkin' cute!

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