Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Activity

Emma cheered again this weekend, looking super cute as usual :) And although I haven't taken those photos off my "big camera", I found a couple cute ones of me & Mr. Man.

 As it turns out, there was a cage fight out in Shawnee this weekend, and John was given tickets to go, so off we went!
He took a picture by this truck for me, because I would LOVE to drive it! Can you imagine my minivan lifted that tall?!?

 He also added this fighter, Jake Somethingoranother, who looks puiny next to my hubby's sweet bod, but his face is pretty cute...despite looking a bit...crooked...
Maybe a few too many right hooks...
 We had our first fall picnic yesterday evening! John grilled chicken and hot dogs and the kids chose the spot (which was our front side yard - I have no idea why...) and we dined on yummy dinner!
 Our neighbor brought us over scones and banana muffins for dessert! They were SOOO yummy!
Thanks, Jody!!
So now, I am cooking pork tenderloins for my meal trade meal and for our dinner tonight, hoping my dad & brothers make it over to join us for the meal.
The windows are all open and bringing in fresh air, and I've noticed the neighbors cats are prowling around outside...perhaps they would like to join in on the feast as well! :)

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