Friday, September 17, 2010

This Day in History...

Seven years ago, in 2003, Emma was being crowned Cover Miss Oklahoma Baby in her first (and only) pageant.
She also won the title for "Best Fashion" :)
A year after that, in 2004, we were at our favorite fall place in California - Lemo's Farm.
We have many wonderful memories that took place here. :)

In 2005, on this day, Emma was doing chalk drawings outside in the warm Cali sun.

We came to the Santa Clara Mission in 2006 on this day. I found it hard to even get up in the mornings at this time in my life, let alone get out of the house, but my mom helped us all cope with our very recent loss, and it was more healing than I could have ever expected at this place, which was full of beauty and grace.

2007 brought us back to Oklahoma, where the ones we loved the most are. Papa was showing us the very beginnings of his cabin, which is now a gorgeous home.

In 2008 we were at "Celebrate Stillwater", a festival put on by the churches of the city.

Last year, on this day, my little peanut was crawling around like a little bug...
...and i had found this big ol' bug! Almost the size of my iphone!! Ahhhhh!!
Today, we are mowing, working, napping, and schooling. And the day is almost done, which means I had better get ready to fetch my wee ones for an evening of promising fun...

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