Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red & Yellow Make...

...fallish, foamy fun, of course! :)
This week, with the fall decor making it's annual arrival, I decided to focus our "lessons" on the colors RED and YELLOW for the next couple weeks. Not that Ev has any problems knowing them, but just to help him see that there are soooo many different shades of reds and yellows in the fall. (and in our home)

This morning it was nice and cool, so I mowed the front yard and then decided it would be a *great* day for some foamy fallish fun!
I put two colors in the exploration bin filled with shaving cream and we talked about red and yellow and sqiushy squashy little hands.
Look at that SMILE!
How could anyone not be a stay-at-home-mommy if they didn't have to??
I wouldn't miss that happy little boy's face for anything!

Have you ever wondered what the face of discovery looks like?
What pretty colors!

After awhile, we ventured out of the box...and onto the driveway :)
...and onto our feet!
Then, it was time to wash it all away.

I love you, little boy.
To the moon and back.
And one day when you start to shave your handsome chin, you'll smell the clean foam and a memory of early morning dew, freshly cut grass, and foam in reds and yellows and orange will cross your mind, and you'll smile. And remember the warm sun kissing your soapy toes and nose, and mommy's endless smile and laughter echoing in your ears.
And you'll remember.
I love you, little boy.
Forever and always.

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