Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Men Den

<>Yesterday, a co-worker of John's gave us a super cute playhouse for the kids. It is in great condition, and we spent all of yesterday morning scrubbing it and making it look brand new :)

 Later on, Evan's friend, Micah, came over to check out the new mini men den.
 Apparently, tea cups and fruit snacks are on the menu. :)
 Afterwards, Evan helped me water the garden, including Emma's new flowers that she planted this past weekend.
 What a suprise! We found our porch froggie all curled up inside one of my (broken) hanging baskets! He is sooooo cute, and even sings in the afternoons. ♥
 Emma picked out a couple mums and some pansies for the garden, and planted them with very little help. They are already looking gorgeous!
Oh, happy days of fall!

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