Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy September!!

September is finally here! I look forward to this month for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of FALL!! The start of cooler weather, football games, and colors in the trees around us.
On our family bulletin board, we have begun to keep track of the kids' growth. I have to say, i have no idea what happened to Evan's height last month - apparently my wonderful math skills took a dive when it came to converting inches to feet! Haha!

I tried to be as acurate as I could this month, so that could account for them shrinking in height. Emma losing a pound is probably due to the fall sports starting back up. (And our gas usage going up in relation to running her here and there to do them!) ;)
So, grandparents, if you want to start marking their height on the wall, I'd probably start this month, not last ;)
A little fun from the park this morning on our "Blue" scavenger hunt...

Happy September!
May it be the best one yet!

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