Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's looming closeer and closer, and our home is abuzz with anxiety.
Our first OSU home game is today, and our little city has once again come alive with everything orange and black.
 I love it.
I was heading out early this morning to feed my dad's dogs while he is away for the day, and took Harley along for the ride. The two kids were helping daddy wash the car, so they couldnt be bothered to join me, and after all, after the busy week he had, the kids probably need a good dose of daddy time.

The weather is perfect.
Absolutely gorgeous.

The only one happier that I was driving with the windows down was Harley, who has his pugged nose out the open window, jowels flapping in the wind like the bright orange flags that waved happily from our windows.

This just feels like football weather.
Thank God.

As I crossed the main highway into town, I saw several other orange flags, all waving back at mine, as they headed into town for the day's festivities. I passed a few other cars on the backroads fillled with orange shirts and smiles and exchanged our "pistols firing" wave.
The smell of grills being fired up filled the air, and balloons, window paintings, and homes are bursting with Mr. Pistol Pete and his team's colors.

I love it here in the fall.
It's not just football season, it's like Christmas in September. Everyone has a smile and it brings our city together.
No matter who you are, or what alma matter you belong to, you can't help but have a place in your heart for our

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