Thursday, September 30, 2010

Backyard Busy-ness!

Yesterday evening, the little men den (or little papa's house) was moved into the backyard for the kids to play in, now that it was nice and clean. It looks so stinkin' cute under the big maple tree out back.
 The construction trucks were driving around all morning! I don't know what they were constructing except for a lot of noise as they went rumbling down the slides!

 Evan finally has a friend that is close enough to his own weight to teeter-totter with. (And Ethan loved it, too!)

 This morning was a morning for dumping anything they could find down the slides. :) I think this photo may have been pebbles...
 My little monkey!

 Our porch froggie moved around to the other side of the basket. he's so cute!!

Now we are napping until our doctor appointment at 2. Almost a week ago, Evan jumped off the couch and hurt his foot. We thought it may be just sore, but it hasn't gotten any better and the limping continues. :( Cross your fingers!

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