Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Yesterday, we all wanted to take it easy after our long car ride the day before. John went to go help Papa with retaining walls and rocks and other manly labors, so the kids and I decided to spend the day outside, and we definately did!
First, we cooked up a batch of fingerpaint...

 It starts out like milk, and ends up gooey and clearish. Emma thought that was so funny!
 We decided on 5 colors (the fiifth being purple)
 Ohhh! Ahhhh!
 And off we went outside under the shade of a tree to paint ourselves into oblivion!!
 We don't fingerpaint on paper at Castro Academy - we paint the tables!! Woo hoo!
(And then rinse and start again! :)

 Messy little hands!
 And messier little-er hands! ;)
 What a masterpiece!
Up next on the agenda was Play-doh.
I actually didnt cook this batch - got lazy after the fingerpaint and pulled out a couple cans of the "real stuff" for them to play with :)
Evan is working on the letters O, C, and E this week, and had a lot of fun stamping them into the dough.
When lunchtime came, we had a picnic with sandwiches and chips and our neighbor, Holly joined us!
Emma made some yummy-looking star cookies!
Stamp, stamp, stamp the cookies!
My mom used to bake sugar cookies a lot when I was small and this gave me flashbacks of watching her stamping away at the dough, in utter wonder and awe. :)
After lunch was naptime, and after naptime, Emma read Evan a few books during snack time.
He was pointing out all the "O"s in "Achoo!"
Have you ever looked at your own life and seen nothing but blessings? It's possible, even for me, who's bottom seems to drop out more than most people's do.

And our Sunday Funday was just one of those times.

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