Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Summer's Day

When it's 9 am and already 96 degrees outside, you know it's going to be a hot day!
The kids love being outside, but with the heat as high as it's been, I try to keep them inside most of the afternoon. The mornings are the best playtime, so we got out the buckets and hose and they washed the car (and our neighbor's too!)
Goldilocks sat in this bucket and it was too small!
But this bucket was juuuust right! LOL!
In the garden, a small green treefrog came to visit.
Our pumpkin vine is growing bigger every day. Can you spot the little pumpkin growing?
And look who came crawling up tp Evan for some yummy breakfast!
Speedy had also came to see Evan the day after his big birthday party. See the video here!
I thought this was really strange. I knew cicadas and snakes shed skin for new growth, but I had no idea that grasshoppers did, too! Yuck!
Summer is coming to an end, though. In a week, we will be heading up to school to register and pay dues, and soon after that we'll be heading off to school again.
Can't they always be mine? Laughing on a summer's morning, carefree and joyful.
Smiles as bright as the summer sun, tans as dark as the warm nights.
Every moment of everyday I enjoy spending with you two.
Every. single. one.
I love you!
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  1. That's funny that Evan said "no" when John asked if he enjoyed his party. Such a stinker!


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