Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Evan's Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Evan's birthday in style last weekend with friends & family. I found out that, sadly, a few of our invitations never made it to people's mailboxes, but we had a good turn out anyway, and really enjoyed the day!
My brother and his girlfriend sent these wonderful cookies for the guests to recieve as party favors. They were recieved VERY well, and gobbled up by everyone there!
Thank you SO much, guys! They were wonderful & delicious!!
The little kids (Evan's age) each got personalized Thomas the Train tees, and the gift bags for the older kids included silly string and train whistles and lots of other loud and annoying items :)
Evan's cake was made with love by Antonia Lee in Shawnee, OK. She wasn't sure what flavor Evan liked best, so it ended up being chocolate on the bottom layer, and strawberry & vanilla on the top.
It was dee. lish.ous!
Thank you, PauPau!!
The birthday boy's table was (of course) done up with Thomas & friends. Percy was pulling a birthday train around the table full of goodies :)

I think our friend, Micah, liked the ball pit the best of all.
Evan preferred the Thomas bounce house - I caught him in there several times watching the other kids like a king looking down from a castle. Ha ha!
Our smallest guest, little Samantha, was mesmorized by Percy as well!
Sydney cooling off in the 100+ degree weather!
Grant & Evan playing in the rock table. Boys, boys, boys.
Happy Biiiiirrrrrthday Dear Evan, Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!
See the big event here!

Nom Nom Nom!
This Birthday was brought to you by the letter "E"
Evan's new tryke from tada & Abuela.
Happy Birthday, sweet little boy.
Continue to grow, love, and find joy in your life every day.
We love you.
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