Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School!

Emma started 2nd grade this year! Can you believe it?! It doesn't seem that long ago that she was almost toddling into her first classroom at 18 months old, hugging her little bunny and lunchbox.
Now, here she is, a seven year old ready to face the world of second grade.
Her biggest thrill : "We get desks!! REAL desks!!"
Well, the more to things to stuff inside, I guess! ;)

Her teacher this year is the one she wanted, Mrs. Pittman. She has a daughter named Emma, too!
My biggest thrill: Mrs. Pittman seems to be another organized teacher, AND she has a (squeal) BLOG! for the classroom. Yay!

Baby brother isn't going to be so happy once sister leaves him during the day :(

The morning of the first day, we had to take our usual photos. Can you believe how big she's grown since the day she started pre-k??
 And, of course, you can see why we can never move from this house without taking the front door area with us...Haha!

 Em & her best friend, Gavin were finally split up this year, after being together for 3 years. They were pretty sad, but still get to see each other a lot.

 Here we go!

 After we left Emma at school and Daddy went to work, Evan and I headed out for a mid morning snack to fill the empty holes that summer had filled with family togetherness.
( Yes, I cried AGAIN. )
Happy School Year to Emma and all the other teachers, kids, and parents we know & love!
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