Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's Child(ren)

According to Mother Goose,  Monday's child is fair of face.
 I guess we know which one of these boys was the Monday boy!

These two buddies can't keep dry, even for a day!
What shall we do when winter arrives??
I suppose we'll need a hot tub soon...

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Sunday Funday!

Yesterday, we all wanted to take it easy after our long car ride the day before. John went to go help Papa with retaining walls and rocks and other manly labors, so the kids and I decided to spend the day outside, and we definately did!
First, we cooked up a batch of fingerpaint...

 It starts out like milk, and ends up gooey and clearish. Emma thought that was so funny!
 We decided on 5 colors (the fiifth being purple)
 Ohhh! Ahhhh!
 And off we went outside under the shade of a tree to paint ourselves into oblivion!!
 We don't fingerpaint on paper at Castro Academy - we paint the tables!! Woo hoo!
(And then rinse and start again! :)

 Messy little hands!
 And messier little-er hands! ;)
 What a masterpiece!
Up next on the agenda was Play-doh.
I actually didnt cook this batch - got lazy after the fingerpaint and pulled out a couple cans of the "real stuff" for them to play with :)
Evan is working on the letters O, C, and E this week, and had a lot of fun stamping them into the dough.
When lunchtime came, we had a picnic with sandwiches and chips and our neighbor, Holly joined us!
Emma made some yummy-looking star cookies!
Stamp, stamp, stamp the cookies!
My mom used to bake sugar cookies a lot when I was small and this gave me flashbacks of watching her stamping away at the dough, in utter wonder and awe. :)
After lunch was naptime, and after naptime, Emma read Evan a few books during snack time.
He was pointing out all the "O"s in "Achoo!"
Have you ever looked at your own life and seen nothing but blessings? It's possible, even for me, who's bottom seems to drop out more than most people's do.

And our Sunday Funday was just one of those times.

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A Family Affair

<>This weekend, John's Grandma came in from California for a short visit with her family. We drove up to Bartlesville to go see her. Here are the Bartlesville water towers, apparently a "Roadside Attraction", as it is listed on my iphone app ;)
Here is a photo of John's parents and all their kids and grandchildren (minus a son-in-law).
 Meliah, Laura, Joey, Brite, Kathi, Cole, John, Me, Emma, Evan, and John. :)
Evan has a second cousin that is about the same age as him. This is Michael, whose father is John's cousin, David.
Aren't they sweet?
 And here's Nana with Evan.
 When we lived in Cali, Nana spent a lot of time with Emma, probably the most of any relative. Since her stroke, she cannot remember any of it, so we try to tell her stories and send photos.
She sure fell in love with these two all over again, though!
Thank you for coming to visit, Nana!
We love you!

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County Fair Time!

The Payne County Fair is in town again, and we made our annual pilgrimage to the land of funnel cakes, germs, and livestock. :)
We found Bailey there, and the girls got to ride a couple rides together.
Evan really liked the lights, especially after dark.
There's Em on the carousel with her friend, Haley! The rides were all one ticket this year, which was easier than the past, when they were all different, but at $3 a ride, the kids got to ride twice each.
Evan watching the tractor pull. Ha ha!
After it got dark, we wandered through the animal area and got to pet a lot of fun, furry creatures.
There was a lot more inside with food and crafts, but we were ready for bed!  (and I just got them back on school schedules - there was no way I was breaking curfew! Ha ha!)
Thanks to all the animal caretakers that allowed us to pet, pull, and poke your pets! ;)
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Park Playdate

<>This is Ethan.
Ethan is Evan's buddy.
This morning we went to the park to explore the outdoors, since it was SO nice outside.
After a long winding walk down to the playground, the boys had their mid-morning snack. Yummy!

Our friend, Micah, joined us as well.
Look at my big boy climb!

Evan decided to help me out and pull Ethan alllllll the way back to the car...
...or 2 feet, wichever came first. :)
I love you, little peanut.
It's just you and me again.
Walking slowly, hand in hand
With nowhere to go
and everything to see.

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Back to School!

Emma started 2nd grade this year! Can you believe it?! It doesn't seem that long ago that she was almost toddling into her first classroom at 18 months old, hugging her little bunny and lunchbox.
Now, here she is, a seven year old ready to face the world of second grade.
Her biggest thrill : "We get desks!! REAL desks!!"
Well, the more to things to stuff inside, I guess! ;)

Her teacher this year is the one she wanted, Mrs. Pittman. She has a daughter named Emma, too!
My biggest thrill: Mrs. Pittman seems to be another organized teacher, AND she has a (squeal) BLOG! for the classroom. Yay!

Baby brother isn't going to be so happy once sister leaves him during the day :(

The morning of the first day, we had to take our usual photos. Can you believe how big she's grown since the day she started pre-k??
 And, of course, you can see why we can never move from this house without taking the front door area with us...Haha!

 Em & her best friend, Gavin were finally split up this year, after being together for 3 years. They were pretty sad, but still get to see each other a lot.

 Here we go!

 After we left Emma at school and Daddy went to work, Evan and I headed out for a mid morning snack to fill the empty holes that summer had filled with family togetherness.
( Yes, I cried AGAIN. )
Happy School Year to Emma and all the other teachers, kids, and parents we know & love!
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