Sunday, July 25, 2010

So What? I'm Still A ROCKSTAR!!

Evan is only a few days away from being TWO!
Can you believe it??
This morning I took him out for a morning car ride to grab a few pics of my little one year old before he goes away...

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  1. Oh my gracious!!! He is the cutest thing in the world!! I love the t-shirt. Do you just die when you see these cute photos?

  2. LOL! Thank you!! What's funny is that I didn't grab an extra memory card and I only got about 15 shots before it was full, so LUCKILY I even got these! And the chances of getting a two year old to go for it again is probably slim to none - especially when it's your own! Ha ha!
    But, yes, I LOVE seeing these memories in still photos - they melt my heart every time :)


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