Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 4th!

We actually celebrated Independance Day on the 3rd this year, since the 4th fell on a rainy Sunday. We headed out to Papa's cabin for fireworks and fun!
Each of the kids got a light stick for the day. Here are Ian, Gavin, and Emma's.
...and Evan's froggie one!
The adults all got goofy hats that took Anitra & I FOREVER to put together!
Sweet little ladybug, Emma.
The giant sized sparklers were a big hit this year, and none of the kids were scared to hold them, except Evan.

Evan DID decide that he liked the Roman Candles.
I know. What a boy. 
He kept making shooting sounds even after the candle had gone out, waving it at people like a gun. I guess our trip to Uncle Alex's has rubbed off on him a little!

As it got darker, the sparklers started to remind me of Harry Potter and the magic wands that they carry and cast spells with. LOVED it!
Uncle Kurt and his crown got into the sparlers, too!

Don't our hats look so much cooler in the dark?? LOL!
Uncle Kurt and Papa putting the fireworks launchpad away after they were all out. :(
(Though it WAS fun to see them wearing lighted hats! Ha!)
Evan, Anitra, & Ethan
The (tired and rained -on) girls :)
Happy Fourth, everyone! We hope you stayed dry & safe!
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