Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daddy & Daughter Date Night!

Our local Chik-fil-A put on a Daddy & Daughter Date Night at their restraunt last weekend. Of COURSE, Emma just HAD to take her daddy!
They had valet parking, a red carpet, and beautifully decorated seating area just for the couples, with waiters, conversation starters, and menus. It was (or at least I hear) WONDERFUL! I can just imagine how great she felt walking down a real red carpet in her gorgeous, handmade-for-Emma dress by GramE, holding hands with the most handsome and courageous man in her life.
Now I'm just wondering why my Daddy didn't take ME?? ;)

This little guy was just jumping out of the nest to learn to fly. He was a little shaky, and kept squacking at Emma! It was so funny!

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