Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evan!!

Can you believe that we've come from HERE to today?!
To celebrate Evan's 2nd Birthday, we decided to combine a few of his favorite things - the lake, his family, and hot dogs! We headed out after work and stayed until the sun went to bed.

My gorgeous husband always looks good in the sun :)

There is nothing like exploring the lake when you're two and your Papa'e there.

My little guy and the place that makes his heart and imagination soar like nothing else

Did you expect anything less than Thomas on the cupcake cake? ;)

Nom nom nom!

The Birthday Boy with the Birthday Mouth!
(And the most beautiful big brown eyes I've ever seen!)

Chips in the lake?? It MUST be his birthday!
Present time!
Dooodolls from Gruncle! So soft and lovey! (They had to be whisked away before the mud got to them!)
And just look at all those train tracks and cars from Uncle Alex & Riza!!

FINALLY! Grammie found a water bottle that matches Emma's!
(With HIS name on it instead, of course!)

and TALKING Thomas! Now Percy won't be the only one on Sodor Island with a voice! :)
We hope you had a happy, blessed, birthday, baby Evan, and may the next year be better than all the rest! We Love you!!

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Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Evan got an early birthday present the last night of being one. A trio of trains in metallic colors from Gavin. Thomas was gold, Percy silver,
and Diesel in bronze.
Looks like the end of the rainbow stopped right here at our house on the eve of Evan turning tooooo, toooooo!
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The Sun Sets on the Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Program at our library has come to a close once again, and this year both my little ones recieved Reading Awards!

Emma has read a LOT this summer. Her newest interests are Frankie K. Stein Books and some of the Ramona books.

Little Evan earned his reading hours by listening to stories read to him by his big sister and John & I. We have a fully stocked library full of Thomas the Tank Engine Books!

Congratulations, my sweet little book worms! I can't think of many more things that are as important as the love of reading! We are SO proud of you!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

So What? I'm Still A ROCKSTAR!!

Evan is only a few days away from being TWO!
Can you believe it??
This morning I took him out for a morning car ride to grab a few pics of my little one year old before he goes away...

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Friday, July 23, 2010


Emma had finished her art camp and swim training, so we decided to have a fun day today to celebrate. I wouldn't tell her where we were going, but I had rented a paddleboat for her at the lake by our house.
Evan hadn't napped all day, so by the time we had paddled our boat to the area we were set up at, he was zonked out! :)
Once we got to shore, Gavin & Emma found an "island" rock that would gain popualrity as the hours passed.
When I was small, my parents would take us here to this lake a lot, and we always brought our floaters and such. We didn't have any floaters, so I ran and got one before we left so that baby Evan could have a place of refuge, just in case.
It turns out that he LOVED the turtle! :)
We invited our friends out to meet us there, and the kids (with a little help) took the paddleboat all the way out to the buoy. (And they were really proud!)
This is one of those fun shots you can only get with a waterproof camera (Thanks, Anitra!)
They are actually in the boat paddling through the waves. Ha ha!
Emma and her little Evan ♥
AHHH! Hahahaha!
My beautiful friend, Rebecca, and her beautiful little guy, Reid!
The rock island again :)
Big sis taking little bro out for a swim. She was very excited that Evan got to go to the lake with her, and was having a lot of fun with him in the water.

Another rock island sighting :)
My best boys.
Evan is such a daddy's boy. Every minute he wasn't with his daddy, he was asking for him.

Rebecca & I accompanied Em & Gav allllllll the way to the buoy.
It was a looooong swim, especially since it was against the current!
We. Were. Pooped.
The whole crew!
John, Parker, Evan, Jason (and Jordan's leg), Grant, Gavin, Emma, Rebecca, Reid
Not pictured: Heidi ;)
We ended up right where we left off.
Evan was in his floater and told me he was "all done", so as I floated him to shore, he actually FELL ASLEEP in the water! Ha! Poor thing. He was pooped.
(and he's STILL asleep!)

I had the best time today with you all.
Can't think of a better way to start the weekend :)

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