Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the first official day of summer...but it's been here for awhile. The last few days have come with a warning label from the local news reports that we need to stay in air conditioned rooms, drink fluids, and check on animals and neighbors. Whew. And it's only 94 degrees here, which makes it around 100 degrees when you add the humidity. Later on, when the temperatures reach triple digits, it's uncomfortably warm even in the air conditioning. Alas, this is summer in Oklahoma, and it's what I wanted to move back to, and it was here, waiting for us when we finally did. 
I put the pool up today. It is filling as I type, still, hours later. This year we bought one of those salt filters that should eliminate my hours upon hours of chemical play each year. (Yay!)
Among the grand pool opening, our other signs of  summer around the Castro household...
- The toads are in full swing. Our largest is always named "Golgum", and who knows if he really is the same toad each summer, but it's possible, right?
- The lightning bugs are back and they twinkle like little fairies dancing in the garden out back. I hear that they are becoming endangered. It strikes a sad chord in my soul to think that my grandkids may not get to run around catching glow bugs in jars after the sun goes to bed on a warm summer night :(
- Bedtime has moved back an hour - to 9:00. The sun stays up late, so the kids do, too!
- The streets are alive. My neighbors are walking dogs in the cool evenings, moms stroll babies in the early mornings, and the sound of splish-splashy water squeals are heard all around the neighborhood.
- Big, bad, mosquitos are back. In full force. Yuck. AND - did I forget to tell you?? *gasp* we found out that Evan has a severe allergy to mosquito bites. They turn into blistery, liquid filled puffs that burst eventually and drain. They look exactly like a burn, but they're horrible!! Sooo...we now carry around a benadryl pen much like an epi-pen, and have benadryl on hand for multiple bites. Poor kid. 
- Popscicles are a constant in my freezer, and kool-aid in the fridge.
- Sun-kissed skin and flip-flop tans appear on all of us
(drum roll, please...)
- I got  my new planner! Hooray!
Ha ha! For all of you that haven't known me since the beginning of time... I have a planner obsession, and it never leaves. It's an organizational tool I CANNOT live without, and if I were to lose it, I would be lost in life forever. I try to keep everything on my google calendar or my iphone, but it doesn't even come close to my good ol' paper and pen planner. And this year I found a really good one that has everything I want, minus the '09-'10 perk of the "add your own whatever" to the cover. 
Either way, it has been sitting on my bedside table until next week, when I will make the change. It's been lonely there, patiently waiting, full of summer activities and school schedules for the fall, until its turn. 
So, happy summer, everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
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