Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seeing the Sea

We had an hour to see the Santa Monica Pier before we had to leave for Cerritos to see my Great-Aunt, so we took a quick trip for lunch.
This was Evan's first time to see the sea!
At the end of the boardwalk, there was a Mexican Restraunt called "Marisol's". Its slogan was "The closest place to the sunset", and it pretty much was!
Emma was intrested in all the muscles that had gathered on the pier's posts by the water.
Inside the restraunt was a "well" of sorts - it had a view of the ocean down below. You were to try to get your coin int he bucket (with the lighted candle) for it to come true. I thought that it was more romantic that my wish went into the great sea forever...or maybe I was just justifying my missing the pail! LOL!
A view of the boardwalk.
After having been driving Route 66 for almost a week, it was a little sad to see the very end of it.
More Marisol's Restraunt...
These birds were inside the restraunt - I can't imagine why they were huddling around Emma, when she wasn't feeding them at all....hmmm.... ;)
We saw the World's largest Auto Square! Ha ha! It had a cute little smart car lot on it, too, and they were so cuuute!
When dinner plans were delayed, we had over an hour to kill, so we took the kids to the park to run off some energy!
This was Evan's first time to run in the sand barefoot. And at first, he did NOT want anything to do with it. (You know how he is with his feet...)
But after a few minutes, he was running around with Emma.
Little toes.
Little toes in the grass.
Little toes in the sand.
Later on, we ate at a chinese restraunt called "HoHo's" (I think), and it was really good and the owners were so sweet! Our bellies returned to San Diego to sleep with full bellies for a weekend of fun in the southest California we'll ever go!

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