Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monster Truck!

I took Emma to Lowe's last weekend to make a monster truck! Grr!
She got her own Lowe's apron, hammer, and goggles, and then she got a cool kit to make the truck out of.
Follow the directions! :)
Hammer time!
When she finished, she got a badge for her apron and we headed home to paint it. (The stickers it came with were just not enough for our little Emma, of course! Ha!)

Good thing we eat a lot of ice cream! These buckets and lids are used for SOOOOO many things around our house!!

I can't actually find the truck right now to show you the finished product, but it earned many, many oohs and ahhs from her friends, and she was so proud because she did it herself.
Good job, Em!
We're proud, too!
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