Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On Saturday night, we met up with our very good friends and stayed over at their hotel with them so we could go to LEGOland together the following morning. The girls hadn't seen each other since we left California 3 years ago, but you'd never know it, because they acted like no time had passed at all :)
Crystal & Emma at breakfast
The first thing we saw at Legoland was a family of LEGO people that looked pretty darn convincing from afar!
In we go!
Right away, Evan found his favorite, Thomas the Train!
Our first ride was a roller coaster, and my goddaughter, who is only 3, wanted to go with us!...while Evan played with the DUPLO blocks. :)
Squirting some super cute pond creatures!
My favorite super hero! Made of LEGOs!! Woo hoo!
Hwee was jumping on the fountains to make them turn on. She's so fun! :)
Evan driving a safari jeep...and maybe a little too small to drive :(
This one was a little more his size.
He was naming the body parts on this lego fireman. So cute.
 The The scale of the entire driving area was amazing! It was just adorable!
The shops were designed to look like the real LEGO pieces, and it was brilliantly done.
You know it's a good day when you leave smiling :)

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