Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Raaaaaining, It's Poooouuuring...

Today was a very. wet. day. It rained, and poured, and thundered and lit up the sky. The little angels were having a water day up in heaven, and when they were through, the little angels here on earth decided to do the same.
Evan brought lamby out with him. I knew what would happen, but hey, what can you do? It's bound to happen at some point!
...and it did.
Look at those sweet little feet splish-splashing down the street!
Lamby hang out to dry a little, though it wasn't going to happen on a day like today!
Everywhere that Emma went, Evan followed. When she jumped, he jumped. When she ran, so did he. 
Except, of course, when she went in the deep, deep waters of the rain drain!
 I remember as a small girl, playing in puddles as soon as the rain would slow down enough for me to go out. And I have to admit, I was also having fun, once again barefoot in the gutters by my house, feeling the water rush across my toes.
Only this time, it was better. I had four more little feet joining me in the discovery of rushing water.
 Jump! Jump!
It's still raining now, almost 12 hours later. I'm getting email alerts for flash flood warnings, thunderstorms, and hail.
Gotta love Oklahoma in the spring!
(and I do!)

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