Friday, June 25, 2010


Fridays are always a "leftovers" day around the Castro home. Not the meals, per se, though it's been known to happen more often than not, but just in general life. All the things we plan on doing in the week that get pushed aside or redirected along the way make their way back to Friday. Today was no different. In the morning, we went to the library and while the big kids checked out books and browsed, Evan & I went to the storytime room and Ms. Lavone read us books about swimming. Afterwards, we colored swimming pages. Can you guess which one was Emmas and which was Evan's? ;)
Afterwards, we went to the park and had a picnic lunch, but Evan didn't seem to be feeling quite himself, so we headed home. I could tell when I lifted him out of the car, that he seemed hot. And he was. 103.2 degrees to be exact. Ugh.
I stripped him down and laid him in his crib for nap. He went right to sleep. Poor kid. Hopefully he'll awake feeling better and it will have been nothing but the summer heat, though our friend had croup last week, and I'm a little suspicious that we could be heading that direction... keep your fingers crossed! Croup is NOT going to be fun with an asthmatic little boy!
On to another subject - I found a snakeskin outside last night. I'm sure it belongs to one of our resident snakes, Sammy or Sally, which is a good thing, because we had been wondering if they were still around!
Isn't it amazing that they can shed their entire skin in a single, inside-out, piece?
I kinda wish we could do that! It would totally cut down on dusting around here, though it would be a bit strange to see little Em & Ev skins laying around the house...Haha!! And coming from a mom who saves even the umbillical cord stub, I have to say, I'd have to get bigger baby books!
Happy Friday, everyone!

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