Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Welcome to Disneyland!
The princess has returned to her castle! ;)
GramE & Evan
Evan's first Disney ride - Peter Pan, which was also Emma's first when she was this age!
Picking a good one!
Emma wanted to ride alone in her Dumbo
Alex & Riza didn't.
Looking at the pretty windows with Riza while waiting for Snow White.
The spell for a poisoned apple...
Next was Casey Jr.'s circus train, in which we all squished into the monkey cage! LOL!
Our littlest mousketeer picked these for his first set of ears...
Emma's favorite ride...
My beautiful mommy :)
And her beautiful granddaughter :)
Self portrait!
Look at my handsome husband!
A midday nap for Evan while we wait for the Matterhorn bobsleds.
Alex & Riza with their ears on!
And I found ears with my favorite Jack Skellington on them!
I glowed in the dark, I'll have you know :)
Em & Riza. This was actually a cover-up photo for a lady behind them that was wearing a shirt saying "I ♥ my booty". It was too gross to post, so I cropped this one for you!
The Matterhorn.
We shot over to California Adventure really quick to ride a couple rides before it closed at 7 (which we didn't know about!). Here's Em in front of the animated Mr. Potato Head.
Em, my mom, & I rode the teacups. This was when we alomst lost Evan AND Riza got motion sickness - the downside of our trip, even though it was pretty short lived :)
We were shrunken to visit the Fairyland! Or maybe the fairyland grew...
Tinkerbell wasn't home at the time :(
The fireworks show over the Matterhorn Mountain.
...and they lived happily ever after.
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