Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Golgum the Giant

Our big garden toad has found a new spot to stay during the hot days of summer...
My flower pot.
It's damp, cool, shaded, and you can't beat the view! :)
He greets me each morning with a big hop out (onto my foot, usually) of the pot, and hops back in after the sprinkler turns off.
I'm not sure exactly how his big ol' butt can actually get into the pot, but I'm glad he does.
Cute little old toad. Welcome back.

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  1. Noodle loves toads. I blogged about it a year ago.


    Glad you have a morning greeter. =)

  2. Noodle & I need to get together this 4th. It seems we have the same agenda! LOL! Yay for toads!!

  3. I'm friends with you on Oklahoma Bloggers. Just popped over to check out your blog.

    Love the shots of the toad hiding in the dirt.

    Hope you've had a great holiday weekend. =)


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