Friday, June 18, 2010

Girl Scout Camp

Emma's group at camp cooked out yesterday, and her troop leaders asked if I could come help out with it, so off I headed to get a taste of the fun that Emma has been having all week.
The leaders were trying to make a fire in the fire pit, which was muddy and wet. I don't think they ever learned how to actually build a campfire, because they were lighting lint on top of a pile of wood and wondering why it wouldn't catch. (Maybe another reason boy scouts always seemed more fun?)  Finally, I helped them re-do the kindling and logs and relit it.
And it worked! The girls were excited and the leaders (who are still girls, themselves) were really proud! They were the ONLY group that had even attempted to start a campfire for their cookput this year. The rest used the microwave or charcoal. They kept the fire fed well, and everyone got a roasted hot dog and a s'mores. Yum!

Emma & Bailey enjoying their home camp-cooked meal!
Today is the last day of camp, and Emma is somewhat bittersweet about it. She had a lot of fun, but she's ready to just be at home and play. [Plus, she's still pretty sad about her Hello Kitty cup being stolen by another camper :( sigh. ]
I'll be ready to have her home, and I know a little brother who will be, too.

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