Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Bums

Yesterday, my brother was off work and he took us to see Mission Beach for a day of surfing & sun!
The day was a little overcast but it was a nice 70 degrees and just sunny enough to warm the sand beneath our toes.
Emma dug right in!
I loved the way I could see her reflection in the wet sand.
The boys were heading out to surf - but had to show their awesome muscles, otherwise skin-fitting wet suits just wouldn't be the same...
Looking for treasure.
Chasing the tide...Bo Derreck style...
Alex catching a wave, and plowing down another guy that couldn't make the cut. Bwah hahaha!
Emma's surfing career was short lived, but super cute!

This guy kept hanging around EVan and his Chickadee crackers...
My handsome surfer ♥
...and my handsome brother!
I guess the reason it was so hard to swim out was because they had swam out into the biggest rip tide of the morning. The lifeguard was yelling at them over the speakers to come back in, but it took them forever to fight the currents.
and, p.s. REAL baywatch lifeguards don't look like Pam Anderson...just sayin'...
Dig, dig, dig!
I have no idea why Evan looks a little grey in this one...I guess the sun was doing something weird to my camera!
Here's me!
Evan is taking off with one of the boogie boards!
Bro & Mom
Digging to China! Well, sea level, at least...
We were all buikding a dam to keep the water out when the waves came, but it was short lived. Good thing none of us went into dam building...
John's "look at me!" photo.
After the sea reached his feet, Evan ran back to the blanket for safety. He was NOT happy!
Sweet boy

Alex put Em in a big hole they had dug, and buried her, standing up, so she could be a princess.
My mom was making a seaweed bracelet.

Evan was having so much fun having daddy run in and out of the surf, that John decided that he could try on his own.
It was like a cat to water.
(Which, I don't blame him - it was too cold for me, too!)
Thanks for the fun beach day, Alex!!
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