Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bandera Volcano & The Ice Cave

This was an intresting stop. Would you believe me if I told you that there was an ice cave and a volcano within 100 yards of each other? Well, it's true, and we just had to check it out for ourselves.
We started out here at the lodge.
The ground was sooo rocky and jagged from all the lava rock!

The walk to the top of the volcano took 20 minutes, and it was pretty hot.

We found a little cave on the trail!

We made it to the top! It was an awesome view. The volcano was soooo big!

The trees that grow here have higher concentrations of iron than other trees (from the lava rock), and because of it, they get struck by lightning pretty often. Funny, huh?

The walk to the ice cave was (luckily) only 10 minutes. The kids weren't too willing to walk again...

When we got there, we were SO amazed! It was FREEZING in there! and it was beautiful!

At one time, people used to mine ice from this cave until it was closed down. Now that's one thing I never thought of as something you would "mine" for...

The ice was green from a type of ice algae. It was really pretty!

The ice was about 20 feet deep - frozen solid!

Then we made the long trek back up the steeeeeep steps to the hot ground level.

Goodbye, ice cave!

Then, it was time to do our own mining.

Emma had bought two bags of "silt" to mine through.

Ev just liked playing in the "river".

She found some gemstones & arrowheads!

Woo hoo!

As the sun set, we headed off to find a hotel with hot bath water, since we were covered in volcanic ash!

And we found one!

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  1. where was this? it's really cool!

  2. It was in New Mexico, I think right outside Albequerqe. The ice was in a lava tunnel thing like you guys saw in Hawaii (only MUCH MUCH prettier there!). It was weird...


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